WHO We are


Austin Richman: electronic music mastermind, guitar player, songwriter and producer.

Suzanne Mariska: vocalist, percussionist and harmonium player.

We are both passionate yoga teachers, dreamers, genuinely nice people, and deeply devoted to the music and the communities we serve.

Our SOund

We are a Colorado based electro-acoustic musical duo dedicated to lifting our individual and collective vibration through the magic of sound.  Emotive acoustics blend smoothly into groove-inducing rhythms as we build a holistic musical experience of emotion, movement, and bliss.


Live Performance

We engage our audience with versatile acoustic originals and electronic remixes alike.   We love to improvise and ride the vibe of the audience and the energy of the moment.  Our audiences are often heard singing along and dancing. One of our favorite - and most crowd-pleasing - musical events is the extraordinary phenomenon of Ecstatic Kirtan.






What is Ecstatic Kirtan?


Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice that utilizes the joyful repetition of sacred sounds to get the mind out of its own spinning wheels and into a higher state.  You don't have to believe anything special to sing kirtan songs, you don't have to be a "good" singer, and you don't have to sing loud or say the words right.  Singing opens the throat and lungs, clears the energetic system, and lifts your spirits.  The words we repeat, both in English and in Sanskrit, have uplifting and positive vibrations that just make you feel GOOD.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is a judgement-free movement experience.  It's hard to stay still when Spiritwell's music transforms into high-energy, beat-heavy dance grooves.  Even the most timid folks in our audiences often end up foot-tapping, swaying, or just breaking loose.  When ecstatic dance begins, the lights go down and the lasers and blacklights go on.  You can let go of your inhibitions, be at peace with your body, and set your spirit free.

Kirtan + Ecstatic dance = Ecstatic Kirtan

Spiritwell's Ecstatic Kirtan is a unique and beautiful journey into your own life-force energy through sound. It's more than just a show, it's a transformative experience.  Our audiences report riding high on waves of positive energy for days beyond the event.  



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