WHO We are


Austin Richman is an electronic music mastermind, guitar player, and songwriter that sings along with Suzanne Mariska, vocalist, percussionist and harmonium player. Both are passionate yoga teachers, dreamers, genuinely nice people, and deeply devoted to the music and the communities we serve.

Our SOund

 We are a Colorado based electro-acoustic musical duo dedicated to lifting our individual and collective vibration through the magic of sound.


Live Performance

Our versatile format allows us to play acoustic originals and electronic remixes. We love to improvise and ride the vibe of the audience and the energy of the moment. One of our favorite - and most crowd-pleasing - musical events is the extraordinary phenomenon of Ecstatic Kirtan.


Vocals, Guitar, Production / Austin Richman
Vocals, Harmonium, Percussion / Suzanne Mariska





Ecstatic Kirtan

 Spiritwell takes you on a unique and beautiful journey into your own life-force energy through sound. Ecstatic dance begins with an acoustic set based on ancient Sanskrit invocations, which we teach you to sing along. The music guides you into a joyful, free-form Ecstatic Dance, using beat-heavy, electronic versions of both original music and ancient chants. This is an experience for the audience like no other. It will lift your spirit, open your heart, and leave you riding a high vibration for days to come.

More about Ecstatic Kirtan

First let's start with what kirtan is?

Kirtan is a sanskrit word meaning to recite, describe or to narrate and is most commonly associated "sing-along" or call and response style chanting particularly of spiritual ideas. Kirtan performance relies on the audience to engages with the music by raising their own voices to help uplift the overall vibration of the experience, the resulting effect is called bhav (another sanskrit sometimes translated as spiritual emotion or love). You do not have to be a "good singer" or a singer at all to take part in a kirtan, you do not have to know how to pronounce the words, know what the words are or even know what they mean to benefit from the uplifting effects of the practice of kirtan. It is an experience of self requiring your own vulnerability and truth to create harmony between all aspects of oneself. We begin Ecstatic Kirtans with kirtan to tune in, override the analytical mind, and create a safe emotional space to explore one's feelings all while elevating the vibrational atmosphere.

Ecstatic Dance as it is!

After the kirtan portion has been completed and integrated we move into an ecstatic dance. Ecstatic Dance is a free form movement accompanied by a musical "wave". The founder of Ecstatic Dance Gabrielle Roth outlined 5 rhythms which inform the way in which a wave should begin, progress and conclude. The benefits of ecstatic Dance are obvious as it's nomenclature states it but the type of ecstasy one experiences is one of joy, purity and peacefulness. The sanskrit word samadhi is often times expressed as ecstasy and can be much different from what some may typically regard ecstasy. Samadhi is a type of experience where one is connected, not separate, where one is fully embodied, not sedated, and where one gains clarity rather than being stupefied. Again one need not have any dance experience whatsoever and should not be in the slightest body-ashamed during this as it is a celebration of the body and how it connects to spirit.  

Ecstatic Kirtan is an opportunity to sense the aspect of yourself that is free from judgment and ego, it is a joyous experience that can tap one into a childlike sense of wonder and bliss for the present moment, but don't take our word for it read the testimonials of the folks who have been to our Ecstatic Kirtans, and give our most recent wave a listen on soundcloud.


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